Environmental Engineering S.A. main field of activities is the delivery of turn key projects in water and wastewater industry. The activities include:


  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Potable Water Treatment Plants
  • Landfill sites
  • Vacuum Sewer Systems
  • Industrial Slaughterhouses (public - private)


In addition the company manufactures equipment for the above projects. Today, Environmental Engineering S.A. is among the leading companies in the Greek market in its field of activities and is well known for the quality and the efficiency of its projects.

  • Design of complete Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  • Construction of installations easy to manage and maintain.
  • Prepair Final Design and Drawings, “As-Βuild”.
  • Our key personnel are experienced professionals with extensive government contract experience and long tenures in the environmental industry. They have the authority and the expertise to overcome any challenges and deliver high quality performance. Most of our staff have high academic and professional credentials including graduate degrees, professional certifications, or both.
  • Envrontmental Engineering S.A. has extensive professional experience as well as know-how in operation of any equipment related to  environmental industry under real conditions.
  • All equipment in the above mentioned projects are installed in accordance with manufacturers prescriptions, by certified technicians, with right tools and under best conditions.
Environmental Engineering S.A. with over two decades extensive professional experience in design-build-operation, take full accountability and responsibility for the entire project, to meet its customers' goals.
  • We can provide turnkey design-build services of any project and complexity in the environmental industry. As a vertically integrated company, Envrontmental Engineering S.A. can provide all the services along the supply chain by our own employees, who operate as one unified team.
Our personnel is experienced professionals with extensive operation - maintenance experience in the environmental industry. 
  • Start up – Commissioning of new installations.
  • Training of cutomers' stuff.
  • Regular maintenance of private and public installations.
  • Ocasional failures– Repair of pumps, blowers e.t.c..
  • Sampling.