The Environmental Engineering SA undertakes the overall design and complete construction of landfill as well as of the necessary infrastructure projects, always with consistently and quality.

A landfill site is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial and is the oldest form of waste treatment. Experience and knowledge of landfill rules and regulations are essential to a successful landfill construction project. At The Environmental Engineering S.A., we design and construct high-quality, cost-effective solutions to landfill projects with a firm commitment to protecting the environment.
The Environmental Engineering S.A. has constructed landfill projects in Greece and abroad, delivering completed projects for use and efficient operation. In addition, the company undertakes operation and maintenance of landfill projects.

Landfill projects include the following tasks:

Formation and operation of the site
  • Formation and Configuring waste disposal areas
  • Construction of embankments retaining waste
  • Stormwater management projects
  • Road works (internal and temporary routes)
Waterproofing works of Landifill basin
  • Construction of natural geological barrier
  • Construction of artificial geological barrier
Construction of leachate collection system, treatment and disposal
  • Collection network
  • Extraction and transport system
  • Treatment projects
  • Recirculation system
Construction of biogas collection and managment network
  • Biogas collection network
  • Installation of pumping and biogas combustion unit
Monitoring System
  • Leachate leakage monitoring system
  • Quality monitoring system of underground and surface water
  • Biogas Monitoring System
  • Sedimentations monitoring system
  • Visual concealment Projects / phytotechnical surroundings redevelopment
  • Firewall
  • Enclosure
  • Motorized gate
  • Lobby garbage
  • Weighing - Weighbridge
  • Sampling Area
  • Control hutch
  • Administration Building
  • Water Tank
  • Cleaning vehicles Installation
  • Service and repair of vehicles - Machinery / storage materials
  • Warehouse
  • Extinguishing Projects - emergency plan
  • Technical infrastructure networks (electricity, telephone, DEYA)
Landfills Restoration works
  • Final cover system
  • Rehabilitation system of space in the natural environment